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This might be the best thing I have ever done for my dog! The entire team is so great! I love the options that the portal gives and I really enjoy getting the updates every time they come to visit. They also have done extra things for my pup, such as feed him on nights when I am at work late. I HIGHLY recommend this group and I know they will treat you all with the best service! Thank you all for what you do!

Allison M.

I tried several dog walkers before I found Robbyn and Run My Dog. At the time, I had a young extremely headstrong German Shepherd. I wanted someone to run with him in hopes that more exercise would help him calm down. Previous walkers who  didn't seem to like my dog. They were fine and very professional with me, but I could just tell that dealing with my difficult dog was a chore. When I interviewed Robbyn, I could tell that she genuinely loved dogs, knew a lot about behavioral issues, and most importantly genuinely cared about my pooch. She worked with me and my dog and made several recommendations which really helped. She was sympathetic to his health problems which ultimately helped us decide that running with him was the best idea, but Run My Dog continued to offer walks. 

Since that time I've added 2 more dogs to my pack and worked with several dog walkers from Run My Dog. Robbyn trains each of walker personally and makes sure they understand the individual needs of each dog. After each walk I receive an email with a map of the walk and a brief summary of what happened on the walk, often with a cute story about something the dogs did that day. It makes me happy to know my dogs are receiving good care. I highly recommend this company.

Courtney G.

I had to change dog walkers once I moved to Alexandria and I was so happy to have found Run My Dog.  They do a great job and the cool thing is, a standard walk is approx. 1 mile each time.  They are focused on making sure your dog gets a good walk in before having to go back home.  They also include a map of the walk with their daily email that gives info about how the walk went.  
My Dog is very happy with his walker!  The times when I have been home when she arrives, he just get so excited to see her at the door. 
Great price and great service.

Patricia D.

We use them for dog walking once per day, five times per week. We use him for our puppy but not our older dog. They do, on occasion, let our older dog out when she decides she wants to be social. They've been good about being patient with him, which has been so important because he's a giant breed puppy. They've seen it all with him and have handled it wonderfully. The few times he had stomach issues in his crate, they cleaned it up enough so that it wasn't a disaster to come home to and they allow him to get some energy out in the backyard before attempting to harness him. They've only been late once due to a flat tire and they comped us that day and the following. Each of the walkers has been on time and allow our dog to set the pace of the walk. The owner is great and very responsive to our needs and has big/giant dog experience, which you don't find very often. We would definitely recommend them and have already done so.

Melissa J.

When I moved here, I interviewed several dog-walking services.  All were great, but Robyn simply stood out and my dog had an immediate connection with her.  We use them for daily service during the week and we also have their walkers stay in our house when we are gone.   No issues since we started with Run My Dog in July 2015 and we never worry when we are gone.   Further, their pricing and polices are very fair and Robbyn even reviews her policies and updates them as the market demands.

Perhaps the most important quality for Run My Dog is that Robbyn truly loves dogs and animals and this simply isn't  just a business for her.  Recently, I found a stray dog that clearly needed a home and a second chance.  We took the dog in for several days until we could find an appropriate home for the dog.  Once I told Robbyn, not only did she help find a great foster for the dog, but she also personally came to check on the dog and worked with the dog to help ease the severe anxiety the dog had while we were at work.  I am happy to say that the dog found a great home after a foster that Robbyn helped find took the dog in.  Simple acts like this are not found in every pet-oriented business and definitely exhibits why I trust my dog and cat (and home) to her and her employees.

Bella T.

My two senior dogs are doing so much better since Run My Dog started walking them daily.   I love that they use positive reinforcement and how I get a personal note along with the walking map.   Everyone that works for this company is very professional and responsive.  They gave me some excellent tips on how to control my dog aggressive pooch.  My dogs are so much easier to walk now!

I use Run My Dog for overnight stays when I travel out of town and will not go back to boarding my dogs.  I always come home to happy and exercised dogs.  They send me daily pictures of them playing with their toys and the sitter actually let them sleep in the bed with them (like I normally do).

Cannot say enough great things about Run my Dog.

Erin N.

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