Pet Care Services and Pricing

Peace of Mind

For each visit, you'll get an email with a report card and map of your dog's walk. 

You'll always know where and when.

We offer discounts for multiple midday walks in a single week.

At Run My Dog, we’re here to help your dog be fit and happy. When we say walk – we walk! Just around the block isn’t enough for us. Most dogs walk about a mile – some more – in a 30 minute visit.

Midday Dog Walking 
Monday - Friday Appointments: (10am-4pm)
20 Minute Visits
  • $20 – Standard 20 minute walk​

  • $18 each for Three – 20 minute walks per week 

  • $17 for Four – 20 minute walks per week 

  • $16 for Five – 20 minute walks per week 


30 Minute Visits

  • $26 – Standard 30 minute walk

  • $24 each for Three – 30 minute walks per week 

  • $22 each for Four – 30 minute walks per week 

  • $20 each for Five – 30 minute walks per week 

$5 for each additional dog    Holiday – $10 surcharge for each visit

Ask about weekly discounts for 45 or 60 minute walks          

o $33 – Standard 45 minute walk         o $40 – Standard 60 minute walk


Petsitting, including morning, evening, and weekend walks, is available. 

Due to COVID-19, overnight petsitting in your home is not an option.

Dog Running

Runs start at $35 for 30 minutes.

Contact Us to discuss your dog's fitness and workout needs.

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