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Pet Care Services and Pricing

Peace of Mind

For each visit, you'll get an email with a report card and map of your dog's walk. 

You'll always know where and when.

We offer discounts for multiple midday walks in a single week.

At Run My Dog, we’re here to help your dog be fit and happy. When we say walk – we walk! Just around the block isn’t enough for us. Most dogs walk about a mile – some more – in a 30 minute visit.

Midday Dog Walking 
Monday - Friday Appointments: (10am-4pm)
20 Minute Visits
  • $20 – Standard 20 minute walk​

  • $18 each for Three – 20 minute walks per week 

  • $17 for Four – 20 minute walks per week 

  • $16 for Five – 20 minute walks per week 


30 Minute Visits

  • $26 – Standard 30 minute walk

  • $24 each for Three – 30 minute walks per week 

  • $22 each for Four – 30 minute walks per week 

  • $20 each for Five – 30 minute walks per week 

$5 for each additional dog    Holiday – $10 surcharge for each visit

Ask about weekly discounts for 45 or 60 minute walks          

o $33 – Standard 45 minute walk         o $40 – Standard 60 minute walk


Our recurring midday walk clients are given priority for petsitting visits, mornings, nights, and weekends. 

Petsitting is only available for midday wlak clients at this time.

If you're out of town, pets must be visited a minimum of three times per day.

Due to COVID-19, overnight petsitting in your home is available on a limited basis.

Dog Running

Runs start at $35 for 30 minutes.

Contact Us to discuss your dog's fitness and workout needs.

*Runs are suspended until cooler weather returns

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