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About Run My Dog

I started Run My Dog ten years ago after having some horrible experiences with "professional" dog walkers.
Back then, I had Charlie. Love of my life, a 130lbs rottweiler/German shorthair pointer mix who made the Marley and Me stories look like puppy play. He loved people, but hated other dogs or  being alone, and had a prey drive that would drag you down many streets to catch anything that moved.

After years (and thousands of dollars, ifyky) of training and behavior modification, he developed into a lovely and very manageable beastie. He needed a confident and professional dog walker that understood good dog handling techniques and when to redirect him away from stimulus. Sadly, I had one dog walker that barely listened during our consultation and dropped the leash when they allowed him to react to another dog. Thanks to training he greeted the dog awkwardly, with no real uproar, but it could have turned out tragically. Another had no leash handling skills and admitted after the second walk they couldn't handle him. The last, really, the last until Run My Dog became a reality, messaged when I was 3,000 miles away saying they couldn’t continue to care for him, “I just don’t feel safe”. 

We know there’s tons of friendly, well behaved dogs that need walks. We love them. We walk them every day!

And there are those special dogs that need extra attention. We live for them, and love them even harder. It’s our mission to see that every dog gets a great walk.

Run My Dog is managed locally. Our team is experienced and educated. Over the years, working with countless trainers and even veterinary behaviorists, I’ve also become a dog trainer to offer better care. We take the time to train all of our staff in positive reinforcement techniques. We are able to reinforce your training plan or work directly with your trainer. We can work with dogs on the basics, like loose leash walking. Additionally, our staff are coached in basic behavior modification. We work with all dogs on leash reactivity, to stop lunging and pulling, and to make walks more enjoyable for humans and dogs.

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