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Highly recommend! We have been using their services for a couple of months since we moved to the area. They provide amazing care to your dog on each walk. They care to implement the same practices you have with your dog, whether it’s training or enforcing certain behavior. Our walker, Marsha, gives us an update with a great picture after every walk!

We've been with Run My Dog since moving to Alexandria in early 2018, and use them for walking our two dogs 3 days a week and also for pet sitting when we're out of town. We could not be happier with the service they provide. Their walkers are very well educated on dogs and behavior and provide prompt updates after each walk through the app. We feel at ease knowing our pups are well-cared for whenever they're with RMD -- something that can be difficult to find! Awesome team and amazing service from management. Highly recommend!

I genuinely cannot recommend Run My Dog enough!  

The wonderful folks at Run My Dog have been walking our sweet Australian Shepherd Ushi for close to a year now--there's not a thing I could complain about even if I wanted to.  Service is reliable, communication is stellar, scheduling is a breeze, and the walkers are absolutely incredible.  I leave home every day knowing our fur baby is in great hands.  Unfortunately we're leaving town, so have to cut ties with Run My Dog for now, but I think it's pretty telling that one of the things I was most sad about leaving behind was this team.  They really are wonderful.  

Also, they make a point to remind you that this is a dog walking service and not a photography business, but about 99 of our favorite Ushi photos have come from Maria's daily reports :D

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