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Peace of Mind

At Run My Dog, we’re here to help your dog be fit and happy. When we say walk – we walk! Just around the block isn’t enough for us. Most dogs walk about a mile – some more – in a 30 minute visit.

We'll use the time how you direct - walks, playtime, training reinforcement, feeding, or medications. There's no extra charges. Our owner, Robbyn, comes from a dog training background and is trusted by local trainers. All our staff go through extensive training in positive based handling, obedience, and dog behavior. 

For each visit, you'll get an email with a report card and GPS map of your dog's walk. ​ You'll always know where we were and when we visited.​

We offer discounts for multiple midday walks in a single week via a package or setting up monthly recurring visits.

Puppy Package

  • $250 per week for 10 visits 

Puppies are such a great addition to your family! They're fun, playful, super cute, and sooo much work. 

We can help! 

Puppies usually need potty breaks as often as their monthly age, so a 12 week old pup needs to go out about every three hours. Our puppy package offers two 20-minute visits per day, Monday - Friday. We schedule these visits in a one hour timeframe, aiming to arrive as close to your potty schedule as possible. 

We're also happy to use the time as you direct - reinforcing potty training, basic skills training, loose leash walking, feeding, or extra playtime and snuggles.

Our Puppy Package offers a $70 savings from individually scheduled walks. Walks are use or lose in the 30 days from purchase and available Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.

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